Adwisement is an online investment advisory platform based in India and launched in Canada and the USA. Unlike other financial advisors who charge considerable fees, it is the first and only investment advisor completely free available to all. Helping people understand their goals and proactively manage their investments by offering a comprehensive and personalized financial plan. Like any start-up that has just begun its trajectory, the founders of Adwisement needed to create a platform of graphics that can provide professionalism and consistency to the brand.


Based on the idea of expansion, construction, and teamwork, we develop a logo that can synthesize with strokes the logo constructed with a plot that helps to emphasize the main concept that is the union. Adwisement is focused on young clients who have just started their career or are self-employed, so it was important to be able to provide a fresh color palette but transmit confidence and security at the same time. Thanks to the neutrality of the timeless Helvetica, we were able to develop a system integrally from the branding, the iconography, the collateral elements of printing, banners of social networks, notices, reports etc.
We also help Adwisement in the management of its online platform and mobile application, advising on its construction and associating with its development department.


The image of Adwisement evokes an innovative style of the company, solutions, technology; generates a connection with its customers, empowers the individual and unifies the brand.