B20 Argentina


Business 20, or B20, is the private sector´s voice of the G20 community. It addresses the global challenges and priorities defined by the G20 countries, by building solid consensus amongst business leaders, international organizations and civil society regarding how they should be approached.

The B20 Argentina has constituted a High Level International Business Advocacy Caucus, involving the most prominent business leaders of top companies from around the world. Through their interactions with Ministers and G20 leaders they enhance the visibility of B20 policy proposals and recommendations.

In this opportunity we work on a visual key to address the different graphic elements of the event. We create a concept based on interaction, technology and globalization.
The result is a highly complex graphic system. We design from keynote, editorial pieces, print, to social networks and other digital elements such as visual presentations.

The B20 logo was designed by the graphic design team of the Argentine Republic.