Peak Web Store

If you want to see the final site, please click on the following link:

Peak Sports Argentina is a company based in China that since 2016 arrived in Argentina. A brand with strong weight in Basketball and Running, Peak Sport, offers a high range of sports products. In Argentina, the company focused on Basketball and Volleyball. At that time the company did not have an online store to sell its own products.


With our Director, Hermes Mazali as an old partner of Peak Sports Argentina, we worked closely with the Peak Argentina team, to design a site that is not only an online store. We also design functions as an institutional site and support for other Peak sites such as Peak China. In this work, we focus together with the people of The Plus Agency on user experiences and simple designs. We designed all the processes of the page concept, graphics, photography, and style.


The result was a success. After months of implementation, the site has become a source of inspiration for designers and consumers. We were able to ensure that Peak Sport Argentina customers have a quality user experience and also an easy update of the company’s products.