Traveling is not the simple fact of knowing another country. Traveling is being connected with another culture, with other people, with another language. We are motivated by the anxiety of knowing the world and that is why we travel alone because the world can not wait until tomorrow.

Solohobo is an online platform that allows connecting lonely travelers. This is for nomadic people who like to move from one place to another. This social network allows you to connect those travelers who go alone around the world to make your trip unforgettable.

To capture the transforming nature of the brand, we design elements that create a sense of fun for young people. From the visual and verbal identities to their applications on the website and app, the brand talks about how Solohobo is the new way to travel and live experiences.


To get to the brand, we turn the classic “pin” icon of location into a dynamic and simple icon. Then we took a leap forward with motion graphics, transforming the direction of the arrow, always pointing to a new destination.

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